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Artisan Cheese and Biscuits.

Outstanding cheeses from small producers, organic quince paste, we will be adding to this collection on a regular basis so keep an eye on this one!

Gomez Moreno Soft Manchego Cheese, pasteurised

250g MACH006PC

This is a semi-soft Manchego Cheese made from pasteurised sheep’s milk. The texture is creamy with a surprisingly fresh and buttery flavour. We recommend serving on fresh crusty bread with a drizzle of Orange Blossom Honey

Esperanza del Castillo Aged Manchego Cheese,pasteurised

250g MACH009PC

Cured over 9-12 months this is top tier Manchego. The texture is firm which provides a rich flavour that is reminiscent of soft toffee overlaid with unmistakable nutty notes. Gold World Cheese Awards 2018, Gold World Cheese Awards 2019.

Organic Membrillo (Quince Paste), 320g, tub

320g QUIN002

This organic quince jelly can be used in baking to add a touch of sweetness, but we recommend serving in the classic Spanish tradition with Manchego cheese.

Gomez Moreno Manchego Cheese TRUFFLE,unpasteurised

250g MACH001PC

Cured over 2-4 months this Manchego has an intense truffle aroma. The flavour is well balanced with rich woody notes and a delightful aftertaste. The texture is slightly softer than a more conventional Manchego .Bronze Medal. 2016 World Cheese Awards

Mahon Cheese DOP Cured, unpasteurised 250g

250g COWC011

This Mahon cheese has been aged for 6 months which brings an intense flavour that lingers in the mouth. The texture is soft and buttery with a deep yellow colour. It is great on its own but can be paired with fruit or nuts to enhance the flavour.

Gomez Moreno Manchego Cheese DOP, semicured, unpasteurised

250g MACH004PC

A well-balanced Manchego with a complex flavour profile that includes nutty notes and a woody aroma. This is perfect to serve with a glass of hearty red wine after supper, 1st Position Manchego Award Expovicaman 2015.

Zamorano DOP

320g EWCH002

Our Zamorano cheese has an incredible smooth texture and subtle flavour, as a result of the lengthy pressing process which is carried out over 24 hours. Additionally, a rigorous curd-drying process ensures there is no rennet left

Organic Sujaira Wedge

240g GOCH001PC

This dairy was founded in 1995 by a group of farmers that wanted to create great cheeses whilst making the most of the natural resources available to them in a sustainable way and respecting the welfare of their own flock of sheep and goats.

Truffle Crackers

180g BRST007

Olive oil crackers with truffle from the fabulous Paul and Pippa

Black Salt Quinoa and Olive Oil Crackers

180g BRST009

From the fabulous Paul and Pippa, perfect on any cheese board

Organic Ines Rosales Olive Oil Tortre

180g CONF019

Slight hint of anise, these sweat olive oil torte go well with cheese, in particular the truffled Manchego!