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Chef Jane Baxter's Collection

“These fantastic ingredients form the basis of my store cupboard” Chef and food writer Jane Baxter

Baby Capers

600g PICK006

These capers have a sharp piquant taste with a wonderful aroma. They are perfect when cooking any light sauce to accompany meat or fish. Alternatively, they add a fantastic depth of flavour to salads.

EVOO Molino La Condesa, 5l

5l OOCA004

This is the perfect everyday olive oil which every kitchen should have a bottle of stashed away. Its fruity taste and balanced flavour make it incredibly versatile. It can be used for everything from frying to finishing dishes and dressing salads.

O-Med Flor de Sal, 100g

100g SALT003

O-Med salt is unique in that it has a naturally high content of minerals such as iodine, iron and calcium but a lower concentration of sodium chloride. This means that it is not as ‘salty’ as most other salts and so can be used to enrich dishes rather than drown out flavours.

Lechoso Chickpeas,1kg, bag

1kg PULD001

Renowned for its quality. It can be eaten either roasted, fried or in stews. Soaking time: 10-12 hours. Cooking time: SOFT WATER: 2:30 hour HARD WATER: 3:00 hour

Caramelised Red Spanish Peppers

320g VEGP005

These delicious peppers have been charcoal grilled before being peeled and marinated in muscatel wine and olive oil. They have an amazing flavour smoky sweet flavour with a delicate floral edge from the muscatel wine.

O-Med Moscatel Vinegar, 250ml, glass bottle

250ml VIRE003

This vinegar is made from a traditional Mediterranean Muscatel grape variety. It has a floral aroma with overtones of honey and peach. Perfect for dressing salads or finishing braised white meat.

Gordal Olives Picante

410g STOL020

Huge juicy Gordal olives from Seville with a hint of chilli

Caviar Lentils

1kg PULD004

Tiny dark black lentils, superb cooked with chorizo and black pudding