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Matt Tebbutt's Collection

“Ingredients that really make a difference. The guys at Gueyumar cook all their carefully sourced seafood over wood before tinning in really good olive oil, the neck of wild red tuna, Morrillo, is on another level. The Cantabrian anchovies are some of the finest I’ve tried and the preserved tomatoes really are outstanding. Truly great olive oils and vinegars really do make all the difference” Chef and broadcaster Matt Tebbutt

Gueyumar Charcoal Grilled Cockles in Olive Oil

150g FIST040

Charcoal Grilled Cockles in a mixture of oak, beech and birch wood. Clean and without shell. Delicate smoke flavour, preserved in Castillo de Canena Arbequina OO, with a touch of organic habanero chili. Number of pieces per pack: 40/50 pieces

EVOO O-Med Picual 1l

1l OOCA010

This oil is characterised by a medium fruitiness with notes of tomato plant, green almond and aromatic herbs. The palate gives a persistent taste of artichoke, and green walnut. The oil is balanced with a long peppery finish.

Montesano Hand Carved 50% IBERICO, CEBO DE CAMPO Ham, 50g

50g SLCM025

Delicous hand carved slices of 50% Iberico pork. This pig has spent much of its life eating acorns but has had its diet supplemented with cereals and grasses. This gives the meat a complex depth of flavour with a subtly sweet notes and a long savoury nutty aftertaste.

O-Med Cabernet Sauvingon Vinegar, 250ml, glass bottle

250ml VIRE002

This Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar has an intense deep purple colour. This product undergoes the natural method of converting cabernet sauvignon wine to vinegar through 12months of aging in French oak barrels

Gomez Moreno Manchego Cheese TRUFFLE,unpasteurised

250g MACH001PC

Cured over 2-4 months this Manchego has an intense truffle aroma. The flavour is well balanced with rich woody notes and a delightful aftertaste. The texture is slightly softer than a more conventional Manchego

Extrem Hand Carved BELLOTA Shoulder, 100% IBERICO

80g SLCM031

100% Bellota shoulder hand carved for you to enjoy at home. This pig has been allowed to roam free for most of its life eating acorns, herbs and roots of shrubs. This varied diet gives the meat a fantastic flavour

Extrem Sliced BELLOTA Chorizo,100% IBERICO, 80g

80g SLCM046

A 100% Bellota chorizo packed with flavour. This pig has been allowed to roam free for most of its life eating acorns, herbs and roots of shrubs. This varied diet gives the meat a fantastic flavour

Gueyumar Charcoal Grilled Wild Red Tuna Morrillo

172g FIST015

Wild Red Tuna  Morrillo is the Nape of the Neck. Incredibly smooth, juicy and rich. It is one of the prized parts of the Red tuna since each tuna only yields a gem sized portion. Just open the tin and enjoy the amazing flavour!

Riofrio Traditional Caviar

15g FISP312

Following a traditional Iranian recipe this caviar is made with a slightly softer roe. It has a creamy texture and powerful flavour which makes it perfect for serving with other ingredients.

Comuna Almonds, Fried and Salted

275 g ALMO205

These delicious almonds come from the Les Garrigues Cooperative Farm in Catalonia. Perfect to enjoy alone as a healthy snack or scattered over your muesli for breakfast.

Natural whole peeled tomatoes in olive oil

540g VEGP112

Fabulous tomatoes pickle at their prime and preserved in olive oil, perfect on toast

Henriques and Henriques finest Madeira.

Bottle MAD100

A rich full bodied Madeira that adds a real depth of flavour to so many dishes