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Meats to cook with.

Cooking chorizo, black pudding and Butifarra, we have access to some of the worlds finest Iberico meats, use the contact form if you cant see exactly what you want.

Organic Smoked Asturian Chorizo

250g CHC0204

Oak Smoked Chorizo, made from a mixture of pork and beef meats. It is rich and deeply flavoured, and will bring incredible depth of flavour to many dishes.

Organic Asturian Smoked Morcilla

250g MORC200

Organic smoked Asturian morcilla ( black pudding ) rich and deeply flavoured will bring incredible depth of flavour to many dishes

Cooking chorizo “oreado”

200g sausages CHCO105

Slightly air dried cooking chorizo, perfect in stews or with red wine

Organic Bienastur stew pack

250g COOT100

Organic chorizo, black pudding and pancetta, the perfect stew pack

Bienastur Smoked Asturian Morcilla

300g MORC201

This oak smoked morcilla is rich and deeply flavoured with a slightly smoky aroma and an amazingly balanced taste. It is able to bring an incredible depth of flavour to a multitude of dishes or for your Sunday fry-up.

Mini Chorizo Picante

Min weight 1.57-1.64 PCCHCO022

A delicious chorizo that is perfect for cooking into stews or other dishes which need a fantastic meaty flavour with a little hit of warmth. Alternatively, this chorizo is perfect for finely slicing, pan frying and then using to dress to a pizza.

Sobrasada Picante Menorca DOP

400g CHCO031

Fabulous soft spicy sausage, perfect spread on on toasted sourdough or melted into a rich tomato sauce.

Butifarra Brasa

Min weight 1.05-1.08 PCBUTI001FZ

Butifarra is the traditional Catalan sausage, the main ingredients of which are always high-quality pork mince, salt and pepper. The use of lean pork meat and a very small portion of fat is what makes this sausage stand out from the rest.

Butifarra Del Perol

270g BUTI002

Butifarra is THE traditional Catalan sausage, whose main ingredients are always: good quality mince pork meat, salt and pepper. The use of lean pork meat and a very small portion of fat is what make this sausage stand out from the rest.

Asturian Compango

270g COOT010

A unique product from our friends at Beinastur, this Compango pack is the perfect addition to any stew. Simply finely slice each of the ingredients (Chorizo, Pancetta and Morcilla), and then stir into your dish as it cooks to add a wonderful depth of flavour.

Morcilla de Burgos with Rice


A regional variation on the classic black pudding. This Morcilla contains a moreish mixture of spices, rice and Horcal Onion which is grown locally and gives a distinctive sweet flavour. Perfect for cooking on the Plancha or baking in the oven.

Morcilla de Leon

320g MORC004

This is a Morcilla paste, which makes it perfect for adding a rich depth of flavour to stews and risottos. Alternatively, for an indulgent breakfast, why not pan fry before spreading on hot toast. Perfect for mixing into a stuffing or for homemade croquetas.