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Rockfish British tinned fish

Mitch and his team run one of the country’s favourite seafood restaurant groups, Rockfish. Their latest project is an outstanding collaboration with the fabulous Mevalco to preserve some of the south west coasts seafood jewels, partnering with a third generation family business with the skills needed to produce the best tinned fish on the planet! Brixham calamari, cuttlefish from the port of Brixham simmered in its own ink. Lyme bay mussels steamed open, flash fried and preserved in escabeche sauce. Fabulous Mounts Bay sardines and local mackerel preserved in olive oil. We absolutely love this range, give it a try, tinned fish at its finest.

Rockfish Brixham Cuttlefish

120g FIST052

The famous Brixham cuttlefish simmered in its own ink, a collaboration between Rockfish restaurants and Mevalco fine foods.

Rockfish Brixham Bay Mackerel

120g FIST103

Fabulous Mackerel from Brixham, filleted by hand and tinned in olive oil, a collaboration between Rockfish restaurants and Mevalco fine foods

Rockfish Lyme Bay Mussels in Escabeche

115g FIST105

Perfect plump mussels from the bay, steamed open and flash fried and tinned in Escabeche, British tinned fish at its finest

Rockfish Cantabrian Tuna

115g FIST104

MSC certified Bonito tuna from Cantabria, just perfection. Line caught, sustainable and delicious