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The Finest Cured Meats.

We have hand picked some of the finest Charcuterie used by only the best chefs for you try at your leisure. From small packs of hand carved Iberico meats to the whole ham for that special occasion, we have it all!

Extrem sliced salchichon

80g SLCM018

A superb dry cured Salchichon from free ranging Iberico pork. This pig has been allowed to roam free eating acorns, herbs and shrubs. Fabulous on any charcuterie plate.

Salchichon 100% Iberico Bellota with black truffle

400g SALC103

Fantastic salchichón made from the finest cuts (tenderloin) from Acorn Fed Ibérico pigs and marinated with Spanish summer black truffle, then cured for a minimun of 4 months. Just, open and enjoy...this is truly an outstanding product for any meat board or enjoy in its own

Leon Oak´s Smoked Chorizo Picante, Horseshoe


An award winning Chorizo - possibly the best available in the UK right now. Deep red in colour, the meat is slightly smoked with a smooth texture on the palate and a gentle warmth from the spices.

Extrem Sliced BELLOTA Chorizo,100% IBERICO, 80g

80g SLCM046

A 100% Bellota chorizo packed with flavour. This pig has been allowed to roam free for most of its life eating acorns, herbs and roots of shrubs. This varied diet gives the meat a fantastic flavour

Leon Oak´s Smoke Cecina, PGI, sliced

100g CECI102

If you have never tried Cecina before you are in for a treat. The beef is taken from mature cows carefully selected for their extra flavour and beautiful marbling before being matured over 12 months. This process gives the meat a slightly smoky flavour with a delightfully tender texture

Extrem Sliced BELLOTA Lomo, 100% IBERICO, 80g

80g SLCM052

A 100% Bellota Lomo. This pig has been allowed to roam free for most of its life eating acorns, herbs and roots of shrubs. This is one of the most prized of all cured Spanish meats. The cut is taken from the loin of the pig

Belloterra Lomo 100% IBERICO, BELLOTA


This is one of the most prized of all cured Spanish meats. This cut is taken from the loin of the pig, it is then seasoned with natural spices before being cured over a period of 4-5months in the cellars below Belloterra.

Extrem Hand Carved BELLOTA Shoulder, 100% IBERICO

80g SLCM031

100% Bellota shoulder hand carved for you to enjoy at home. This pig has been allowed to roam free for most of its life eating acorns, herbs and roots of shrubs. This varied diet gives the meat a fantastic flavour, with sweet nutty notes and a complex long-lasting aftertaste.



This Lomo is air dried and cured in natural cellars for 2 to 3 months. The meat has a slightly sweet taste with a delicious aroma of paprika. It makes a fantastically flavoursome addition to any cured meat platter.

Teruel DOP Sliced SERRANO Ham, 100% DUROC, 250g

250g SLCM021

This sliced Serrano is from 100% Duroc pigs. The meat is lean with a fine layer of marbling throughout. It has a robust and delicious flavour as a result of the pigs varied diet which includes cereals, grasses and acorns.

Montesano Hand Carved 50% IBERICO, CEBO DE CAMPO Ham, 50g

50g SLCM025

Delicous hand carved slices of 50% Iberico pork. This pig has spent much of its life eating acorns but has had its diet supplemented with cereals and grasses. This gives the meat a complex depth of flavour with a subtly sweet notes and a long savoury nutty aftertaste.

Guijuelo Sliced Chorizo IBERICO, 500g

500g SLCM043

A delicious Chorizo made from pigs which have been roaming free around the forests of Spain enjoying a varied diet which is supplemented by cereals.

Wild Boar Salchichon with Peppercorn, 220g

220g SALC300

This is a unique product made from wild Spanish boar and lean iberico pork fat. This is then mixed with carefully selected herbs and spices before being cured in a fine coating of crushed peppercorns

Venison Chorizo

220g CHCU101

A chorizo made with pure wild venison and a lean 12% Iberico pork fat. It has a pleasant gamey flavour and a firm texture thanks to its curing time.

Belloterra Salchichón Ibérico BELLOTA

min weight 490g PCSALC101

This meat is taken from specially selected cut of lean acorn fed pork. The meat is seasoned with natural herbs and spices that grow on the Bellotera estate including oregano, garlic, salt and pepper.

Sliced Lomo 50% Iberico, CEBO, 80g

80g SLCM050

Being a CEBO Lomo, this animal has had its diet supplemented with grains and cereals as well as being allowed to roam free on the Dehesa in search of acorns. This gives the meat a unique flavour, full of smoky notes with a touch of warmth from the Paprika.

Extrem 100% Iberico Bellota ham on the bone

Average 8kg HBIB700

One of the jewels of the culinary world, a masterpiece in cured meats

Cinco Jotas 100% Iberico, Bellota

Average Weight 8kg PCHBIB200

This jamon is an excellent example of 100% Bellota ham. The meat is soft with a wonderful aroma of honey and wildflowers. On the palette you can taste the sweet nuttiness brought about by the pigs varied diet.

Dehesa Solana 50% Iberico, Bellota. Ham on the Bone

Average Weight 8.5kg PCHBIB401

This ham is 50% Iberico, 50% Duroc breed. It has spent its entire life free ranging across the Dehesa, eating acorns, roots and shrubs. This means it is an exceptionally fit and healthy animal which regularly walks 14 miles a day in search of food.

Revisan Serrano, 100% Duroc. Ham on the Bone.

Average Weight 8.5kg PCHBSE100

This is without doubt one of the best Serrano Hams we have ever tasted. The flavour is intense as a result of the animals’ mainly cereal based diet.