Sauce-It Tapas Shop
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Vegetables, Pulses and Beans.

Perfect pulses, roasted peppers picked and cooked by the farmer at their very best, organic tomatoes, and artichoke hearts to keep the finest chefs happy.

Tomato Natural Cream, 300g, jar

300g VEGP106

Just delicious ripe tomatoes, cooked in olive oil with a pinch of salt and sugar. Just open and serve. Ideal for any toast, dipping, accompaniment sauce…endless possibilities. Incredibly flavoursome!

Natural whole peeled tomatoes in olive oil

540g VEGP112

Fabulous tomatoes pickle at their prime and preserved in olive oil, perfect on toast

Organic Tomate Frito, 660g, jar

660g VEGP104

This amazing tomato sauce has been made from 100% organic vegetables. It makes a perfect alternative to passata. Great on its own or added to any dish. We recommend stirring some dried oregano through it before spreading over a homemade pizza base.

Lodosa Piquillo Peppers PDO

260g VEGP009

Simply superb small red peppers roasted and preserved

Ñoras Puree,125g jar

125g SPIC002

This unique product is a perfect substitute for dried Paprika. It is ready to use and can be used to enhance the flavour and add depth of colour to any meal. 1 jar is the equivalent to 6 Nora peppers.

Caramelised Red Spanish Peppers

320g VEGP005

These delicious peppers have been charcoal grilled before being peeled and marinated in muscatel wine and olive oil. They have an amazing flavour smoky sweet flavour with a delicate floral edge from the muscatel wine.

Mediterranean Roasted Halves Artichokes, 300g, tray

300g VEGP204

These artichokes have cooked with a delicious selection of Mediterranean spices over a bain-marie to preserve their delicate texture. They have been sliced in half ready to serve, and so ideal as a tapa, side dish or equally perfect for cooking into soups, stews or salads.

Caprichos Artichoke Hearts Marinated in Vinegar,14/16U, 290g

290g VEGP208

These artichokes have been cooked at a low temperature within just two hours of harvest. They have a slight vinegary flavour and a fresh aroma. There is a focus on sustainability within this process so there are zero additives or preservatives - simply artichokes!

Cooked Lentils Jar. 570g, jar

570g PULC104

Ready to eat, ideal for salads and stews.

Cooked Butter Beans, 570g, jar

570g PULC101

Ready to eat, ideal for salads and stews.

Cooked Chickpeas, 570g, jar

570g PULC102

Ready to eat, ideal for salads and stews. Alternatively, these can be used to make delicious Hummus.

Cooked White Beans, 570g, jar

570g PULC103

Ready to eat, ideal for salads and stews.

Lechoso Chickpeas,1kg, bag

1kg PULD001

Renowned for its quality. It can be eaten either roasted, fried or in stews. Soaking time: 10-12 hours. Cooking time: SOFT WATER: 2:30 hour HARD WATER: 3:00 hour

Pardina Lentils (Brown), 1kg, bag

1kg PULD003

This is the Spanish version of the French Puy Lentils. They have a brownish colour (pardo), great flavour and need little cooking time.

Medium Butter Beans, 1kg, bag

1kg PULD105

Medium size, wide, flat, and white. Very soft after cooking. Gives superb creamy texture and they absorb plenty of flavour while cooking.Cooking tips: Once soaked and rinsed, cook in cold water. Remove foam as many times as necessary.

Caviar Lentils

1kg PULD004

Tiny dark black lentils, superb cooked with chorizo and black pudding

Las Hermanas Sweet smoked peppers FLAKES

24g SPIC102

These flakes are great to sprinkle on both cooked or raw food as a smoky garnish. Perfect for putting on pizza, rice or pasta dishes, as well as cooking into your favourite recipes for a delicious depth of flavour.

Las Hermanas SWEET Paprika DOP

70g SPIC101

This Paprika has an amazing bright red colour with a spicy aroma and smoky flavour profile. It has been made using a traditional drying process.

Las Hermanas Hot Smoked Paprika DOP

70g SPIC104

This Spicy Paprika has an amazing bright red colour with a peppery aroma and smoky flavour profile. It has been made using a traditional drying process.

Las Hermanas Spanish Seasoning

150g (5 sachets of 30g each) SPIC103

Add flavour and colour to your recipes with this Spanish seasoning kit made from sweet smoked paprika and vegetables.

Baby Capers

600g PICK006

These capers have a sharp piquant taste with a wonderful aroma. They are perfect when cooking any light sauce to accompany meat or fish. Alternatively, they add a fantastic depth of flavour to salads.

O-Med Flor de Sal, 100g

100g SALT003

O-Med salt is unique in that it has a naturally high content of minerals such as iodine, iron and calcium but a lower concentration of sodium chloride. This means that it is not as ‘salty’ as most other salts and so can be used to enrich dishes rather than drown out flavours.

Valencia Rice DO, 1kg,bag

1kg RICE001

Great for any paella type rice dish. Cooking time: 20m. Rest time: 3m. Cooking Instructions: 1 glass of rice x 2 glasses of water.

Seville Rojo Mojo Picón Salsa, ORGANIC,100% NATURAL & VEGAN.

190ml SAUC005

This delicious slightly smoky sauce makes the perfect seasoning for any meat or fish, especially if they have been done on the BBQ. Made with olive oil, red peppers, chilli and garlic it is delicious when spread over chicken.

Organic Rosemary Honey

300g HONE010

A beautiful honey that pairs well with cheese